Locate your car via GPS Position on your phone NOW
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Locate your car via GPS Position on your phone NOW with Mzansi Car Tracker Our GPS Car Tracker System helps you to locate your vehicle via GPS Position in real time from your mobile. So you can always monitor your vehicle movement like position, state(Start/Stop/Move), Velocity, Fuel in tank, A/C on/off status, etc. The main features are listed below: Real time tracking Pinpoint location Latitude & Longitude Velocity of vehicle Current status of vehicle like move, stop etc. Locate via GPS Position on your phone Odometer reading Vehicle Battery voltage monitoring A/C On/Off Status Mzansi Tracker fleet management solution has been invaluable…

The technology behind gps vehicle tracking
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We have a state of the art platform that follows the latest protocols and security compliance pertaining to the technology behind gps vehicle tracking.

Single Vehicle Owner
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Single Vehicle Owner Vehicle Tracker Free Installation Mzansi Tracker has a great offer you don’t have to add to your January worries about another fee to put on your already tightened budget. Please let us worry about how we are going to help you get your equally important assets to be safely monitored by both you and us. This includes the complete control of tracking your vehicle with ability to even stop it remotely. As the single vehicle owner, you are given full access through the mobile site or the mobile app. This is to show you the full details…